Why you need a domain broker?

A domain name is a serious digital asset and you must take it seriously when buying or selling your domains.

When it comes to high priced products you need a middle man that will guarantee you will get what you pay for.

Such a service is provided by broker escrow service which will hold the funds until you get your domain and only after that the broker will release the funds to the buyer. This same is true if you sell a domain.

Finding a good domain broker can be a challenge because many of the are working with many figures pricey domains. With RamNom you can sell domains priced for as little as $100.

Avoid bad actors and choose a domain broker so you can stay on the safe side.

Benefits for domain buyers:

  • Will hold your funds until you get the domain
  • Help you with the transfer even if you know nothing about domains
  • Will handle all payments and additional work

Benefits for sellers:

  • The broker will handle payments and work with buyer
  • Make sure you get funds when buyer receives the domain
  • Will manage the domain transfer so you don’t have to

Are you a buyer and want to secure the transaction?

Tell the seller to list the domain (free) on RamNom and we’ll take care of the rest.

Do you want to sell with confidence?

Register and submit your domains on RamNom for free. We will take care to sell your domain!

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