How to sell your domains faster?!

The great domain names are kept for years until they are sold. And you you have a hyper premium domain then you may have to wait until it finds its new owner.

But what if you you have a good domain name for xxx or x,xxx price and want to sell it faster?

There is no way you can have a magic stick to just do one thing and sell. We are going encourage you to use the techniques that will increase your chances to sell a lot!

So, what you need to do to increase your chances of a sale?

Well, domain names as any other specific niche product or asset need to be promoted means people should know you are selling it. And you have to do a job to make yourself and your domain known. There is somewhere a guy who need your domain and would buy it but he must know your product. This is not the case of six+ figures domains, those are easy to find and easy to sell if the buyer is serious about his business.

How to make your catchy domain visible to as many people as possible?

Here are the tools and marketing options you may use to make sure your domain reaches as many folks as possible thus increasing your chance of sale.

List your domain on domain marketplaces.

Below is the list of popular marketplaces and brokers:

Many of the above mentioned marketplaces and broker have high fees. On RamNom we charge a 10% sale fee that is significantly lower than on many other brokers.

Use the power of social media.

Tell your friends and followers your domain is for sale. Post your domain sale links on Twitter, Facebook & Reddit. Never underestimate the power of social media. Reach any person that follows you, it’s a free tool you can always count on.

Run marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook.

This option isn’t free but is not expensive either. A quick way to sell your domain is to run an ad campaign on Google AdWords and Facebook ads.

For Facebook you have to create a page, add your domain for as a simple post and Promote that post. This option will allow you to create beautiful banner and is considered to be cheaper than running Google ads.

Have a domain for sale?

RamNom will help you to sale it with little to do from your part.

All you need is to submit your domain for sale and we’ll do the rest.

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